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   school timetable generator

Presentation orar810en

		Program used for school timetable realization
		School timetable execution that allows the processing of the resulted timetable. 
		The program is useful for designing timetables for schools up to 80 classes.
		The terms accepted by the program to design the timetable are:
			- The days or the day end the hour when a teacher must not be included in 
	the timetable
			- To mention the instructors that may have two consecutive hours with 
	the same class
			- To mention the groups of teachers that may be found in the timetable at 
	the same time, but in a limited number.
			- Fill in with options as entry data. These may also be singular timetables 
	for teachers manually edited when certain situations request it. We may say that the options 
	are locations manually filled in, and the program orar810 fills in the rest of the free locations. 
			-  Furthermore in options the “optional subjects” and the “couplings” .
			- mention the maximum number of hours for each instructor and day.
			- The program may draw out the morning timetable overlapping the afternoon 
	timetable in the area of separation for a limited period of time of maximum two hours.
		The resulting timetable may now be printed.
		The installation program for orar810 may be downloaded here :